Relocating to Portland from out-of-state is something a lot of people dream of doing. In fact, it was just over two years ago that my family and I had the wild idea to pick up and move here ourselves. So you can imagine I was delighted when my long-time friend, Ian, emailed to let me know he was thinking about making Portland home, too.

Ian made a few trips to Portland to check out the city and make sure it was all he’d imagined, and of course, it was (and more!). He identified a few homes from my website that piqued his interest, and he asked me to preview them for him while he was back in Utah. With my trusty phone in hand, I did video walk-throughs of all the homes he liked.

Upon walking into the home he eventually selected, I knew it would fit him perfectly. I hastily emailed him the video and asked when he’d be flying out. He agreed that the home looked perfect for him, and although relocating to Portland still seemed like a bit of a dream, and he was on a plane the next day. I picked Ian up at around 8am, and we spent the entire day looking at homes and enjoying vegan treats from around the city. We also arranged for him to rent a bike so he could check out the commute from prospective homes. Relocating to Portland seemed more and more doable as I showed him around the city and some of my favorite neighborhoods.

Of course, I saved the best home for last (out of nine!), and he loved it just as much as I thought he would. We wrote the offer, and with a little bit of negotiating, he was under-contract. Since he was back in Utah the next day, I agreed to coordinate his inspections and keep an eye on the place during the contract period and after the sale was complete. (He wouldn’t be moving for a few more weeks.)

Here’s what my client, Ian, had to say about his experience of relocating to Portland:

Relocating to PortlandI call Lauren and tell her that I’m flying into PDX from SLC the next morning to look at some properties I’ve identified from her website. She says, “Yes, I’ll pick you up from the airport and we’ll do this.” My flight arrives at 7:59 am and we’re off.  We look at nine properties in one day with the requisite stops for vegan breakfast, lunch, and coffee. And, what do you know, the last house is the ticket – on Love Street! Lauren contacts the listing agent, writes up the offer, determines the terms of the builder’s warranty, and we seal the deal less than 24 hours later as I’m biking across the Tilikum Crossing Bridge of the People talking to her on my Apple Watch. Does it get any better?

While he was back in Utah making preparations to move, my trusty assistant (my daughter, Harper) and I took measurements for him so he could order appliances. I snapped a photo of her with his key to let him know the place was in good hands.

Thinking about relocating to Portland?

If you’re thinking about relocating to Portland from out-of-state, I’d love to treat you to the same! Give me a call at 503-799-6455 or email me at I promise that we’ll have a lot of fun, drink some amazing coffee and eat some fantastic treats – vegan or otherwise! (Oh, and it just so happens that Ian is an experienced, smart, funny, problem-solving mortgage professional – be sure to check him out if you’re in the market for one!)

Relocating to Portland

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