When I met Wayne and Jess at an open house last summer, they had JUST begun thinking about purchasing a home. But one thing I knew they wanted from the start was a BIG kitchen and LOTS of counter space. What they needed was an island. A REALLY BIG ISLAND. And we found the perfect one in Hillsboro!

We looked to the east. We looked to the west. We viewed condos and homes in every quadrant, but we kept finding ourselves back in Hillsboro. These two needed great public transportation, lots of amenities, new finishes and a price that matched their budget. But most of all, they needed a fabulous kitchen. I didn’t measure it, but I’m guessing the island pictured below is about 4′ deep and 12′ long. It’s HUGE! Plus, there’s plenty of storage and a gas range.

I’m thinking about taking my kids over for a weekend cookie-making marathon! (Don’t worry, Wayne & Jess – just kidding! But I might come over for dinner sometime!)

Here’s to many years of island living in Hillsboro for this lovely couple, and a special thanks to the fabulous Jen Bell who provided financing for these two!

Hillsboro, Oregon Condo Real Estate

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