So, funny story. About a year and a half ago, I was having dinner at Handsome Pizza with my husband. I started chatting with a couple about their double stroller (that I was admiring), and the husband mentioned that his wife recognized me…maybe from Instagram? Turns out, we had sewing in common, and we were … Continue Reading

Buying a home is a big deal. Buying from a distance (California, in this case) is an even bigger deal. And buying new construction from out-of-state? That’s the biggest of deals – because as an absent buyer, you need someone to be your eyes and ears on-location.  Enter Jaya and Frank, my recent clients and … Continue Reading

We did it! WE DID IT! We successfully completed the renovation and closed our very first flip in the Parkrose neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. It took SO much longer (and cost SO much more) than we originally planned, but we also got exactly what we wanted: a fast-track education in renovation/resale of properties. We pretty much … Continue Reading

When I met Wayne and Jess at an open house last summer, they had JUST begun thinking about purchasing a home. But one thing I knew they wanted from the start was a BIG kitchen and LOTS of counter space. What they needed was an island. A REALLY BIG ISLAND. And we found the perfect … Continue Reading

Relocating to Portland from out-of-state is something a lot of people dream of doing. In fact, it was just over two years ago that my family and I had the wild idea to pick up and move here ourselves. So you can imagine I was delighted when my long-time friend, Ian, emailed to let me know … Continue Reading

Sometimes, real estate transactions are easy. They start with love letters and end with champagne and have puppy dogs and warm fuzzies all in-between. The inspections are clear, and financing is in-the-bag. All deadlines are met, and no one wants to strangle anyone else. Sometimes, deals are perfect. But to be honest, what I really … Continue Reading

When I first met Michael a couple months ago, I knew that helping him to find his first home would be a lot of fun. He had a great sense of humor and an adventurous spirit. But what really made this process even more fun was that his two future roommates tagged along with us … Continue Reading

Last week, we did something we’ve been researching/prepping for/planning for years – we bought a house to renovate and resell (AKA flip)! The home is in Northeast Portland in the Parkrose neighborhood, and we purchased it from a wholesaler. It sat vacant for a while before we purchased it and has indications that there were squatters … Continue Reading

A few months ago while hosting an open house in Portsmouth, I had the pleasure of meeting Sean and Audrey. They were recently married and looking for their first home in North Portland. And they were lovely. (I secretly hoped that our Southeast connection (they’re from Georgia; I’m from Alabama) would entice them to ask me … Continue Reading

I began my real estate career 2.5 years before my first child was born, and at the time, I was kind of like, “Schools? What schools? There are schools??!” It just wasn’t a huge concern of mine. Of course, I quickly learned that highly-rated schools are generally an indicator of desirable neighborhoods (depending on one’s definition), and … Continue Reading